No Regrets About Being A Helicopter Parent

Gen 2 Gen Chat

I’m far from being a parenting expert.  I can only speak to my experiences raising three children, but I think helicopter parenting sometimes gets a bad rap. Of course, you shouldn’t attend your adult child’s job interview, or call his/her boss regarding a bad performance review!  Ultimately we all want our children to grow up to be self-sufficient, confident adults.  Helicopter parents are often accused of directing rather than guiding, but in my opinion, some children need the extra direction. Sure, most of us have overstepped the hovering boundaries on occasion, but directing children during their younger years may have its benefits.  Children have differing levels of maturity and self-confidence, and there’s nothing wrong with hovering when a child needs it, or when the parent feels the child’s situation warrants extra monitoring for whatever reason. I saw the difference it made for my children because I was there to advocate for them during…

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