Generational Shifts Have Helped Fuel Global Conversations About Sexual Harassment

Gen 2 Gen Chat

It has become a movement! We are hearing more and more women speaking out about sexual harassment.  This genie is not going back into the bottle!  I’m feeling excited that  Generation X and Millennial women are leading the way, feeling empowered to stand up and speak out against this full blown epidemic.

Sexual harassment has always existed, but the light has never been shined so brightly on this hugely prevalent issue until now.  The “me too” hashtag exploded on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with 12 million “me too”  Facebook posts in 24 hours. Women have come forward in droves to tell their stories.  Time Magazine just named “The Silence Breakers” its Person of the Year for 2017.  The magazine’s editor said in an interview “the #MeToo  movement represents the fastest-moving social change we’ve seen in decades, and it began with individual acts of courage by women, and some men too”.


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